Site Transfer

So have managed to grab some hosting and am currently in the process of building the website that will host all of this. Now that 1.5 has been released vids will start very soon!

Another update!


So many small changes have forced me to postpone the starting of this here video diary that I would like to do. First of all, some friends of mine are building a Physical Server to host both a Minecraft Server as well as a Mumble Host. I can’t wait for this because it means we can start with an epic (pretty much) Lag Free SMP Server! Hopefully we can get this set up within the coming week!

Secondly, as Stats & Achies were pushed back until the 1.5 Release (apparently next week?) i’ve been waiting to start anything until they were released as I’d like to start afresh with Stats and Achies to keep track of as I progress.

Thirdly, I’m looking at getting my hands on some hosting so as that I can build a nice little community website (put my HTML/CSS Skills to the test again!) where I can host the Videos/Diary as well as upload the World Map to. On top of that will have additional pages for the SMP Server, some friends Diaries and just general awesome shenanigans!

Hoping this coming Friday will be the date this all gets finished! Until then, I’m going to continue working on this site!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris

Minecraft Let’s Play Video Diary!

Having read Notch’s Twitter (and subsequently also his Tumblr Blog) I’ve noted he has stated that the 1.4 release should be coming within the next week or so. This update is rumoured to include the Wolves (fucking brutal), the bed Spawn Point thing as well as his Achievements and Stats! This makes me happy! I’m hoping what I’ll do is wait for the update and then begin my Let’s Play Video Diary with this new update so as that I can showcase my Statistics and Achievements as I get them. Sound good? Fucking oath I thought so too!

Can’t wait to get this started! I’ve done some testing and managed to get my Audio and Video working perfectly now all I need is this update and a new world to do and we’re good to go! If you’re as excited as I am then not only will your nipples be rock hard, but you’ll find this urge to comment and let me know!

Until then sexy people!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris


Ok so, I’ve managed to get my hands on a pretty good Headset so I wanted to swap from doing the typical ‘Diary’ style typing up of crap with some images to recording individual ‘Lets Play’ style Episodes ala Coe’s Quest.

Opinions? I was thinking of making them in 10m episodes (compared to Coe’s 15m) unless you would prefer longer?

I have a friend working on an intro for me to add to the start (THANKS JEN!!!) and have the Premiere Pro software all raring to go so I can do some editing.

That way I can put up video’s, upload them to this (or I’ll be working on getting up some hosting again) and have comments left so you can make suggestions etc. I’ve also managed to figure out how to run and use Minecraft-Overviewer which generates a pretty awesome Google Maps style zoomable map.

So thoughts? Opinions? I do love my Diary and have no intention of deleting it, but I figure things can be said ALOT better via Video.

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris

Day 08: Tunnel of Love

Time for a small update! I’ve been retardedly busy with the bubs all weekend as well as trying to get some levelling in Rift so I have had barely ANY time to get on. But the time I have managed to get on I’ve done a little.

First up I figured it was high time I started putting more progression on this Log Cabin of mine! So I went out to farm a shitload of Wood, which given I’m surrounded by half the worlds population of trees, wasn’t really that difficult. I was also jumping down to explore what little I could of any little cave systems I could see, to get a feel of what they were like and mark to come back later if need be.

One such system I have marked and will most definitely be coming back to very VERY soon. It seemed long (I went for a little bit of a trek) and as though it went down very deep. I also found this:

Spider Dungeon

ANOTHER Dungeon, sweet fuck I couldn’t not find a Dungeon if I tried it seems. Spider Dungeon this time, the 2 chests contained some Red Dust, some Iron Ingots, some Wheat, some String and a Record (I really need to get around to making a Record Player. Awesome more treasures! Loving these dungeons just lying about. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… Best. Map. Ever!

More wood chopping was to be had before I’d collected what I’d deem a worthy enough haul (which as it turns out wasn’t even enough anyway). Now before I show you what I did manage to complete of my Log Cabin, as some may know Notch has stated he’ll be updating the game with not only Achievements, but also Stats. Now this makes me REALLY happy. Granted my stats will be a little skewed as I’ve already started this map, but the Achievements will be fucking awesome!

Anyway, moving on. Here’s my Log Cabin so far:

Log Cabin

Not much, but she’s home. I even started my Crops down the bottom right area! Half dedicated to Wheat and the other half dedicated to Sugar Cane. Now I did take some of that Sugar Cane and turn it into Paper, in turn turning the Paper into Books and in turn again turning the Books + Wood Blocks into Bookcases! Now yes, I can hear you saying ‘But Chris, Bookcases have no purpose. Why would you waste your time with creating them?’ my answer? Cause I damn well want to! And I happen to think they will look smashing next to my bed! For the record, yes. I am going to be furnishing the house when It’s complete. Fireplace, Bookshelves, Kitchen area, Bedroom. The works!

As well as that I figured I’d start the tunnel between the Log Cabin and the Tower of Awesome. I haven’t ‘quite’ finished it yet but so far this is what I’ve got:

Tunnel of Love

So what’s basically going to happen is this Tunnel will run right down until I’m close to the Tower and then pop up to make entrance/travel between the two easier. It’s also going to end roughly near the location of my Second Train Station. You should be able to see the completed Train Station in the 2nd Image (Protip: Look up! It’s just up there), so think that, but an underground version basically. I’ll be popping these stations along near each major creation I do. Making travel to and from relatively stress free!

I know it’s not much of an update, probably boring as batshit to read to boot! But hey, I’m doing what I can when I can! So hoping peeps are still enjoying this shit! Feel free to make use of the new ‘Comments’ system I’ve integrated to make peoples thoughts just that little easier to get out!

Depending on time tomorrow I hope to do another Minecraft Update and hopefully finishing compiling the Rift one I’ve been working on also. Once I’ve managed to find someone capable of creating a Video Intro for me I’ll be doing some Video Tours (voiced by yours truly) of my creations once they have been completed. Hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris


sean-duffy asked: Which texture pack do you use? It looks great!

It’s in the very first post :) It’s called, Misa’s HD Texture Overhaul. I’ll refind the link, but the link is most def in the first post :D


Howdy folks! So I’ve made a nice slight update to the Blog, I’ve added in something that most people will know as DISQUS. In a nutshell it allows people to actually put comments on my posts! Alot fucking easier than reading replies sent/made to my Twitter/Facebook feed.

Basically if you’re viewing just the front page of the Blog that shows all posts you most likely won’t see a comments section (down the bottom of the post), however if you view the posts individually you should see the location to enter them. Now, it’s going to be a bit hard to read some of the words because ‘apparently’ the only 2 choices of Theme were both for ‘Light Background’ association, which fails for me, and frankly I’m not going to pay for access to make one for a Dark Background just yet.

As an aside, I’m going to start my video tours of shit I think is awesome. I’m currently working on making a little Intro to put at the start of my video prior to uploading them however, so the first may not be out for a week or so (hopefully earlier). Anyway, keep an eye on this spot and expect another update in a day or so!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris

Day 07: Choo Choooo!

Decided I had time today to do another bit of a playthrough (inclusive of shit I did last night after updating) and start work on some stuff. I decided that it was high time I also started working on my Train Station, I know I know I’ve not even finished any of my other shit I can hear you mumble. Well I like to multitask and try working on usually up to 3 things at once!

I didn’t actually have all that much Iron to work with to start on my Train Station but I figured I’d at least do what I could. Essentially I will be doing an almost exact replica of Necramar’s YouTube Video entitled ‘How to Build A Minecart Station' which is broken into essentially 4 Parts, 3 on the building itself and one on revisions and small fixes. Now mine is going to have a few slight differences, those being instead of having the entirety of the Return Area etc above ground, mine is going to be all underground and hidden. First thing's first though, I need to go find myself a FUCKLOAD of Iron. Now I've actually managed to pretty much clear out the rest of my old Tunnel System, so it's high time I went to find another one, which I do!

So off I head, 4 Pickaxes, 2 Shovels and 2 Axes in hand (see I’m also going to collect Wood along my way to help with my house construction!) and a stack of Coal & Torches at the ready. There’s a small cave near my original one, but it’s pretty tiny, I only get around 20 Iron Ore out of it, BUT I do actually find another Dungeon!

Skeleton Dungeon

Yay, so that’s 4 Dungeons in incredibly close proximity! Once again I light up that fucker so I can figure out a use for it later on and raid the chests. Now, off to see if I can’t find another Cave System, preferably bigger this time.

Honestly? I was wandering probably for a good solid hour just kind of in a circle expanding my Map to show me what else was around, what type of Biomes etc. I didn’t take alot of pictures of the scenery, however I did happen across some REALLY awesome shit. I did, however, get at least one capture of something awesome:

Above Ground Lava

Above Ground Lava! I love these, they were a rare random implementation that Notch put in to chunk renders. It’s pretty awesome still, but having a look at the picture you’ll probably notice that the Lava seems to be a block below ground level. See, it was flush with ground when I first went to take a Screenie the game shit itself and when I logged back in to take the picture again it was sitting a block below ground level. Oh well. Onwards to start finding me some more Coal & Iron!

I did manage to find ANOTHER epic Cave system though (which I’ve marked the entrance location on my Map at the end of this post) which held so much awesome for me. First off I cleared a few smaller areas, managed to net around 40-50 Iron and a stack of Coal (which I was basically re-using to top up my Torch supply) when I came across yet ANOTHER Dungeon:

Spider Dungeon

Fucking Spider Dungeons, seriously. I mean I HATE fucking Creepers I really do, but Spiders? They are the bane of my existence. A Creeper can sneak up on me and be a jerk, but Spiders? I see them coming from a mile off and they move like fucking Lightning! Not to mention the fact they climb ALL MY FUCKING WALLS! Seriously, such jerks. Oh well, Spider Dungeon Nuked! Time to continue on!

And I had literally turned then corner when oh loooook! Another Dungeon!

Zombie Dungeon #3

I like Zombie Dungeons, so simple and easy. Of course I have kept all of the Spawners alive just like normal, so that’s now 7 spawners in random locations all kept alive and I have absolutely no fucking idea what I’m going to do with them! I also want to go back and farm out all of that Mossy Cobblestone to then make something out of, but I have no idea what to use it for. Something awesome no doubt, it is of course what I do best!

Now this cave system is fucking massive! I’ve probably not explored HALF of it but eventually have to turn back after I’d managed to run out of room in my inventory. But not only did I net some more Diamond! But I got some Gold, another stack of Redstone Ore for my Train Station and a bunch of other shit (mostly shit from the chests in the Dungeons).

I did take a screenie of my loot in full though!


Pretty awesome huh? I didn’t get alot of Coal, but I can easily go back into the system and grab it whenever I need it, believe me… There was an arseload sitting around. But the 3 stacks of Iron Ore is probably the best of the loot, that’s a SHITLOAD I can use for my Minecart Tracks and Minecarts. There’s also the heap of Wood to start on more of my Home too!

Time to get started on this Train Station I guess. I start by placing the ‘Platform’ where I’d like it to sit roughly and kind of go from there. Now, the Platform itself is only pretty small at the moment, but it will be expanded out slightly as well as having a proper building built around the outside to give it more of that Train Station feel. Most of the shit I’ve actually done isn’t viewable in the picture, but that’s because it’s all underground so as that it doesn’t look messy (much like how Necramar had his initial station prior to the Tutorial in vid 1/3). Anyway so far this is what I’ve managed:

Train Station

The 2 hole type things on the left are where the tracks go down and underground. Basically underneath is where the Pez Dispenser style Cart Release system is held as well as the Return System and the Booster System to push the Released carts up to the Station Platform. See I’ve really only as yet done the first of the 3 videos but later on tonight (after some Riftage!) I’ll be doing probably either the rest or at least a shitload more.

For now though, that’s the end of tonights effort! Enjoy the map of Day 07 and the massive amounts of exploration I did further on. I’ve also tagged a few key locations on the map so as that you can see what’s what! However, given the size of the Image itself, you’re going to have to at least hit the Zoom button to see what each area is.

Day 07

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris

Day 06: Mo’Fucking Diamonds!

Hi! *waves*

So how’s it going? Yeah good good, not too bad. What have I been up to you ask? Oh you know not much, just FINDING MO’FUCKING DIAMONDS!

Started out today’s diary with the decision of going spelunking to find some more raw materials (mostly Coal & Iron) as well as pick up any Lava I could to start filling up my Eye up the top of my Tower. So I headed back in to my awesome elaborate cave system to head further down and (hopefully) happen upon some Lava. From my previous Minecrafty experience, I’ve noticed an absolute fuckload of Iron sits around where Lava is so that was my main decision on why to head down.

And down I went! I’d already explored a SHITLOAD last time I was down here so I didn’t actually have to go very far. First thing I find whilst I was jumping down a huge cavern was this:


Yup thats Gold! The most useless material in Minecraft! Ok not THAT useless, but all I can make out of it that is even remotely any good is a Watch to be able to tell Day & Night whilst I’m hanging out underground. Still, pretty awesome, if I’m near Gold I can only be closer to other awesomeness!

I hit the bottom of the hole I’m going down, which has been made MUCH easier by the fact there was a naturally flowing waterfall to beam me up & down safely! Take a look around and BAM! Lava Lakes all around me, some of which some natural waterfalls have formed Obsidian for me!

Lava Lake

This is incredibly handy, I don’t need to worry about making my own Obsidian by fucking around with Lava & Water, there is a MASSIVE abundance down here. The little parts in the picture are only a fraction of what’s lying around. Of course, however, to actually mine any of this Obsidian I need to find some Diamonds to then fashion into a Diamond Pickaxe. Off I head again jumping from ledge to ledge, finding a shitload of Iron, Coal & Redstone Ore. I even manage to come across some of that new blue shit, I believe it’s called Lapis Lazuli Ore or some shit, either way it’s essentially only (from my limited knowledge) used for dying shit at the moment. So a big hearty MEH! Continuing along I’ve managed to net myself QUITE alot of Coal (around 3 stacks) and about 1 full stack of Iron and 1.5 stacks of Redstone dust (this will be handy for my next update) when I happen across this:


Fucking Jackpot! Some Diamonds, a shitload of Coal and some more Redstone! How awesome is this!? Not that awesome you say? Well… I think it is…

So I figure I’ll finish this leg of the cavern i’m exploring then head back up to surface when:

More Diamonds

MORE DIAMONDS! And a shitload more Obsidian too (I removed the water that cause it to make it easier for me to check it all out). Oh man this is awesome! In total I’ve managed to snake myself 5 Diamonds, that’s enough for 1 Pickaxe so I can at least start digging up some Obsidian when I do decide to go to Hell (Ok ok ‘The Nether’ if we want to be Politically Correct, which I don’t).

I decide I can’t be fucked navigating the way back out of this cavern system so I just pick a spot near the original Lava Pits I found (I’ll need to come back for more Lava I’m sure) and just dig an upwards stairway, roughly headed towards my Spawn Point (Compass made this job relatively easy).

*Phew* I’m out! Time to finish up as much as I can with this Eye up the top of my Tower. Which, as it turns out, takes me ALOT longer than I had initially thought, but I do finally get it done:


Woo done! I’m unsure of how easy it is to see, but you should be able to see the single Lavafall flowing from the top of the Eye down through the direct centre of the Tower. Now, this wasn’t done with ease… No, I managed to ROYALLY fuck up and had Lava flow around the entire front of the Tower (ON THE OUTSIDE!) which was a DICK to clean up, it seriously took me almost an hour to fix, not to mention the fact I died twice and lost 4 Iron Shovels, 2 Iron Picks, 2 Iron Axes, 40 Iron Bars, 2.5 Stacks of Coal and ALL 8 Lava Buckets I initially had. Needless to say, it was a fucking prick to do… But it’s done and I’m happy.

Figure I’ll leave my Tower alone for a little while now since I’ve been primarily focussed on doing that and instead hit up my Log Cabin to start building up a bit. But of course I need to go chop down like… Half of the Amazon to even get started, which I do. I’m pretty sure I’ve not only destroyed my Minecraft Worlds Ozone Layer, but also probably caused some irreparable damage, the upside? I get to build my house!

Log Cabin

So I’ve now managed to finish the entire first floor, knock out some Windows to put in as well as build the stairs up to the second Level which I’ll probably do some more of at a later date. I quite like this picture, shows both my buildings in the one shot, I must say I’m quite proud of my current achievement! Day 07 I’m actually going to look at starting the basic layout of my Train Station, I’ll be following the same layout as provided in the YouTube Video (which I will link) and building it just a little away from the Log Cabin. I’m also going to look at clearing a nice path from the Cabin straight to the Tower so I don’t have to climb half of Everest each time I bounce back & forth. Hope you’ve enjoyed! Please, tell your friends, tell yo’ mumma and anyone else, I want more people to read this shit!

Before you ask, no I haven’t added a World Map to this one yet, I figured I’d wait until Day 07 before that since It’ll have a 3rd Building to show off and not alot has changed since the last map since most of Day 06 was spent chilling underground.

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris