Another update!


So many small changes have forced me to postpone the starting of this here video diary that I would like to do. First of all, some friends of mine are building a Physical Server to host both a Minecraft Server as well as a Mumble Host. I can’t wait for this because it means we can start with an epic (pretty much) Lag Free SMP Server! Hopefully we can get this set up within the coming week!

Secondly, as Stats & Achies were pushed back until the 1.5 Release (apparently next week?) i’ve been waiting to start anything until they were released as I’d like to start afresh with Stats and Achies to keep track of as I progress.

Thirdly, I’m looking at getting my hands on some hosting so as that I can build a nice little community website (put my HTML/CSS Skills to the test again!) where I can host the Videos/Diary as well as upload the World Map to. On top of that will have additional pages for the SMP Server, some friends Diaries and just general awesome shenanigans!

Hoping this coming Friday will be the date this all gets finished! Until then, I’m going to continue working on this site!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris


Ok so, I’ve managed to get my hands on a pretty good Headset so I wanted to swap from doing the typical ‘Diary’ style typing up of crap with some images to recording individual ‘Lets Play’ style Episodes ala Coe’s Quest.

Opinions? I was thinking of making them in 10m episodes (compared to Coe’s 15m) unless you would prefer longer?

I have a friend working on an intro for me to add to the start (THANKS JEN!!!) and have the Premiere Pro software all raring to go so I can do some editing.

That way I can put up video’s, upload them to this (or I’ll be working on getting up some hosting again) and have comments left so you can make suggestions etc. I’ve also managed to figure out how to run and use Minecraft-Overviewer which generates a pretty awesome Google Maps style zoomable map.

So thoughts? Opinions? I do love my Diary and have no intention of deleting it, but I figure things can be said ALOT better via Video.

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris