Minecraft Let’s Play Video Diary!

Having read Notch’s Twitter (and subsequently also his Tumblr Blog) I’ve noted he has stated that the 1.4 release should be coming within the next week or so. This update is rumoured to include the Wolves (fucking brutal), the bed Spawn Point thing as well as his Achievements and Stats! This makes me happy! I’m hoping what I’ll do is wait for the update and then begin my Let’s Play Video Diary with this new update so as that I can showcase my Statistics and Achievements as I get them. Sound good? Fucking oath I thought so too!

Can’t wait to get this started! I’ve done some testing and managed to get my Audio and Video working perfectly now all I need is this update and a new world to do and we’re good to go! If you’re as excited as I am then not only will your nipples be rock hard, but you’ll find this urge to comment and let me know!

Until then sexy people!

<3 Korthal -aka- Chris